Immune Builder

Active Ingredients

Astragalus Root- immune builder-anti-flammatory

Cats Claw- boost immune functions-fights cancer

Cayenne-has anti-fungal properties- lowers blood pressure

Chapparal- treats upper respiratory infections-removes kidneys stones

Elderberry- fights cold and flu symptoms- sinus infection aid

Galangal Root- high in antioxidants-has antibacterial and antifungal properties

Licorice Root- immune builder-improves cough and sore throat

Myrrh- has anti-parasitic properties-antibacterial properties

Olive Leaf- destroys herpes virus-powerful immune builder

Oregano - fight viruses -anti-fungal and antibacterial 

Taheebo Bark-detoxifies the body- antiviral properties

Thyme- fights bacterial growth-fights bronchitis