Active Male Support

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Nature's Armor Daily Male contains an organic blend following:
  • Alfalfa Leaf-highest chlorophyll content-lowers cholesterol-helps prostate problems-improves digestion
  • Ashwaganda Root-improves thyroids function-increases stamina & endurance-reduces stress-reduces anxiety and depression-lowers cholesterol-cancer fighter
  • Ginger Root-promotes energy-stabilizes the immune system-stimulates the circulatory system-stomach issues
  • Ginkgo Biloba -improves memory-increases-fights Alzheimer's diseases-treats erectile dysfunction
  • Gota Kola Root-helps mood & memory disorders-improves blood circulation in the brain-strengthens the heart-balances nervous system
  • Licorice Root-immune booster- improves voice-helps soothe gastrointestinal problems
  • Saw Palmetto Berry- promotes a healthy prostate-helps removes mucus-benefits glandular tissue
  • Schisandra Berry-helps cardiovascular system-treats respiratory issues-improves liver functions-increases endurance-increases mental functions
  • Spirulina-high source of protein-stimulates the immune system-fights cancer-helps prevent diabetes-contains chlorophyll
  • Taheebo Bark-blood purifier-helps fight cancer-treats inflammation-helps treat diabetes
  • Tribulus Fruit-improves energy-boost testosterone-reduces enlarged prostate-limits erectile dysfunction-