Daily Immune Builder

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Directions: Take 1 capsules per day with food. During active symptoms and outbreaks, take 2 capsules twice per day with food until symptoms are gone.

Recommendations: Nature's Armor Antiviral Capsules suppresses herpes symptoms and outbreaks within weeks however to reverse the herpes virus, your immune system will need 3 months or more to dominate the virus. A 3-month supply is the minimum recommended dosage to boost your immune system to reverse the virus. Depending on your overall health it may take longer.

Follow these guidelines to promote the ina of the virus and speed removal times:

Avoid foods high in Arginine such as nuts, chocolate, oats, and orange juice. Avoid foods high in sugar and highly processed foods containing refined white flours. Avoid alcoholic beverages, sodas, and powdered drink mixes. Avoid dairy products.

Increase daily water consumption. It is recommended you drink a gallon of water per day. Increase intake of foods containing Lysine. Increase daily exercise when possible. Increase rest and relaxation. If sleeping for 7 hours or more per night is not possible, try to make up the hours when you can. Immune systems need rest to strengthen and eliminate viruses and bacteria.