Nature's Armor Complete Body Detox

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Nature's Armor Detox has natural veggie capsules with no GMO and gluten free and contain the following ingredients:

  • Astragalus Root-immune building properties-improves blood flow-anti-aging agent
  • Black Walnut Hull-kills and expels parasites-balances blood sugar-helps burn toxins
  • Burdock Root-strong blood purifier-neutralizes & eliminates toxins-relieves lymphatic congestion-helps fight kidney & bladder infections
  • Cascara Sagrada-cleans colon-laxative-tones the body
  • Dandelion Root-treats skin diseases-blood purifier-relieves water retention-lowers blood pressure
  • Fennel Seed-regulates blood pressure-blood purifier-reduces water retention-liver cleanser
  • Goldenseal Root-natural antibiotic-heals mucus membranes-eliminate catarrh, treats bladder infections-general cleanser
  • Sheep Sorrel-treats kidney problems-treats inflammation-remedies intestinal parasite-,removes mucus-fights cancer cells
  • Rhubarb-cleanses alimentary canal-improves digestion-relaxes colon-cleanses entire digestive tract
  • White Oak Bark-normalizes the liver, kidneys & spleen-removes kidney & gall stones-expels pin worms-reduces varicose veins
  • White Willow Bark-has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Relieves pain
  • Wormwood-eliminates parasites-kills cancer cells-fights inflammation-boost antioxidant properties