Total Woman

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Nature's Armor has brought a complete women solution in the form of Total Women’s Formula. Formulated to improve overall woman health. The well-developed organic formula contains great potency and is an ideal formula for women of all ages. Contain the following highest quality herbs:

  • Alfalfa Leaf-reduce risk of breast cancer-minimize menopause & excessive menstruation-combats cholesterol-anti-aging agent-highest chlorophyll content
  • Ashwaganda Root-improves thyroid function-treats adrenal fatigue-reduces anxiety & depression-increases stamina & endurance-boost immunity-prevents cancer-reduce brain cell degeneration.
  • Black Cohosh Root-regulates menstrual flow-reduces hot flashes-reduces osteoporosis-treats uterine fibroids-reduces anxiety-stimulates secretion of liver, kidney,& lymph glands.
  • Dong Quai-increases blood circulation-dissolves blood clots-lubricates intestines-alleviates menopause symptoms-treats depression
  • Ginger Root-boost immune system-helps remove toxins-stimulates the circulatory system-suppresses menstrual cramps-helps relieve sinus congestion
  • Gingko Biloba-boost memory-reduces dementia-reduces Alzheimer symptoms-improves vision-improves sexual energy-soothes bladder infections-
  • Kava Kava Root-reduces stress-relieves PMS symptoms-reduces anxiety
  • Red clover-relaxes nervous system-fights cancer-relieves hypertension-boost immune system-lowers cholesterol-improves blood flow-
  • Red Raspberry Leaf -regulates menstrual flow-strengthens uterus walls-improves female reproductive organs-reduces menstrual cramps-reduces labor pains-sooths bowels and stomach
  • Schisandra Berry-improves concentration-promotes endurance-reduces stress-alleviates menopause symptoms
  • Spirulina-strengthens immune system-boost-anti-cancer-anti-inflammatory-high protein source-decreases blood pressure-
  • Wheatgrass-boost metabolism-prevents memory loss-promotes digestion-immune booster-energy builder